Style resolutions for 2015

Just a few examples include:

  1. Either calling or emailing each guest with a personalized message after booking, rather than a generic automated email, asking for preference requests. This personal touch can make an important difference. Automated personalized guest communication is also a possibility, but requires a capable CRM system to be in place along with efforts of the staff to carefully gather and record valuable guest information.
  2. Making an even better first impression by asking what the guest’s favorite drink is upon check-in, which can then be delivered to their room as a complimentary welcome gift.
  3. Introducing an extra moment of appreciation, Sending a staff member to the guest’s room, or following up a different moment after check-in to see if everything is to their liking.

Training all client-facing employees, including front desk, food and drink staff, and activity sales employees in upselling and cross-selling is another way to drive customer engagement as well as revenue. It is a relatively inexpensive investment that can produce high ROI. Importantly though, employees should be well-versed in upselling or cross-selling to enhance the customer experience with personalized offerings without veering into pushy territory, which can have the opposite effect.

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